Twitch’s golden goose Amouranth breaks rules by distracted driving, users await Twitch’s response

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Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is a popular IRL Twitch Streamer who recently got unbanned after an incident concerning a wardrobe malfunction that exposed too much of her

With over 1.2 million followers on Twitch, she is undeniably a big star on the platform, one that people accuse Twitch of favoring because she makes them big bucks, but it would seem as she can’t stay out of trouble for too long, as she is currently under criticism for a supposed violation of the community guidelines, specifically, streaming while driving.

“Don’t Twitch and drive”

Although streaming on Twitch while you drive isn’t a violation of the community guidelines, reading the stream chat while doing it is indeed against the terms of service. As Twitch puts it: 

“Any activity that may endanger your life or lead to your physical harm is prohibited… This includes dangerous or distracted driving.”

To give some context, on October 17th the streamer started a broadcast named “date night with chat”, where she drove her car to a local restaurant. However, some people in the chat started noticing that she was often looking at the chat during the ride. Needless to say, participants of the chat call her out for this. 

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Reading Twitch’s chat isn't very different from texting/reading while driving, which constitutes a violation of the law in most states of North America.

Twitch has banned many streamers in the past for reading the chat when driving, which demonstrates that the company clearly considers this a punishable action. 

Amouranth is fine… for now

However, Amouranth is doing just fine and hasn’t received any warning or ban from Twitch. She’s carrying out an ASMR stream by the time of writing this article, so, her channel is in the clear for now.

This puts Twitch’s credibility at stake, as it would seem as she is receiving preferential treatment. Meanwhile, other streamers get banned for much less and with more severity. 

Amouranth’s case is not the only example, but people often call the double standard of Twitch when it comes to her, most notably after her recent ban, which only lasted 3 days. 

The argument is the same as before, people don't necessarily want to see people banned from a platform. What they're asking for is consistency from Twitch when it comes to enforcing the community guidelines, as well as equal treatment for its broadcasters.

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Fabrizio Bulleri
Fabrizio Bulleri is a tech reporter with several years of experience covering the Asian tech market. He likes traveling and keeping up with everything digital-related. [email protected]