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Cosplayer Belle Delphine’s Instagram account removed after mass flagging campaign

The mass flagging appears to be in response to Delphine’s recent Pornhub and bathwater selling controversies which angered many people.

Cosplayer and model Belle Delphine’s account with over 4.5 million followers has been removed after it was mass flagged for “nudity or pornography.” The account appears to have been terminated after a mass flagging campaign was initiated in response to Delphine starting a parody Pornhub account and then later selling her bathwater for $30 per pot.

Multiple Instagram accounts are taking credit for getting Delphine’s account removed and other users on are claiming that they also reported her account for “nudity or pornography.”

While Delphine does post self-described lewd and NSFW content on her Patreon and private Snapchat, fans are claiming that she didn’t post any nudity to Instagram or break any of its rules and that the account was wrongfully shut down. Instead, these fans believe that the mass flagging campaign was a response to two recent events which added to Delphine’s notoriety.

First, many fans started to resent Delphine after she trolled them in June by saying she would start a Pornhub account if one of her Instagram photos received more than 1 million likes. When the photo passed 1 million likes, she made the account but posted non-pornographic parody videos – a move that angered many of her fans.

Then Delphine angered even more people this month by selling her bathwater – a move that many considered gross and exploitative.

An Instagram spokesperson confirmed that Delphine’s account had been removed because it violated the community guidelines. The spokesperson added that mass flagging only causes an account to be terminated if there are genuine community guideline violations so it looks like the account won’t be reinstated. However, as is often the case with Instagram bans, we probably won’t find out which of the community guidelines Delphine violated.

Defend free speech and individual liberty online. 

Push back against big tech and media gatekeepers.