Bernie Sanders has opened his DMs on Twitter and users are having fun with it

Sanders' campaign says he's the first 2020 candidate to open DMs but he was beat by Andrew Yang.

Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has decided to open his DMs on Twitter, meaning that supporters (and critics alike) have now a relatively easy way to get in touch with him.

Of course, users shouldn't expect to get a reply from Bernie Sanders himself, as the senator should be busy running a campaign. The management has been obviously been delegated to community managers, who will be filtering through the thousands of messages that he will be receiving on a daily basis.

Given the form of the announcement, this is undoubtedly the case since the original Tweet was made by a member of Sanders' staff called Daniela Lapidous and not from Sanders' Twitter account.

The post also claims that Bernie Sanders is “the first top presidential candidate in history to open his DMs” – a statement that is not true, as the presidential candidate Andrew Yang has had open DMs for a while now.

The announcement has had a mixed reception on Twitter. On one side we have Sander's supporters who of course are celebrating the decision, and on the other, we have his detractors, who claim that sending a DM isn't going to be any different from sending an email to his campaign.

Those who have already messaged the Senator, appear to be met with a cookie-cutter automated message:

However, that hasn't stopped people from having fun with the open DMs:


Fabrizio Bulleri
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