Represent Freedom Online

A collection item for freedom lovers who want to support free expression, privacy, and decentralization online.

Created by, and in support of, Reclaim The Net.

What are Freedom Relics?

Freedom Relics are a collectible created by Reclaim The Net and are living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Perfect for those that support online freedoms, your Freedom Relic is a signal that you care about the future of the internet and want to fight back against Big Tech and media monopolies controlling speech and eroding liberties.

Collecting them also supports the Reclaim The Net project in the process.


Each Freedom Relic is thoughtfully designed to represent the freedom that Reclaim The Net supports: freedom of speech, decentralization, privacy, support for independent creators against media giants, and replacing Big Tech monopolies.

Not only does your Freedom Relic give you an immutable piece of history, the funds raised go towards also supporting the Reclaim The Net project.

Join us on the adventure and show your support.

The Freedom Fist

It all started with the Freedom Fist.

Each design shows a fist breaking free from chains in a representation of freedom.

Freedom from oppression. Freedom from suppression. Freedom from tyranny.

We made only 500 Freedom Fists. There will never be any more. Get yours.

Coming Soon

A new set is in development. Stay tuned.

Freedom Relics is a Reclaim The Net project.