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Believe it or not, we have the best new search engine around, and it's not among the world's most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Microsoft's Bing. It is startpage.com that has received that highest honors; thanks to its highly sophisticated privacy.

According to German organization “Stiftung Warentest,” known for its unbiased analysis of consumer goods and services, and equivalent to America’s Consumer Reports, startpage.com is currently the world’s most private search engine, beating out top contenders in the list among them DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Search engine experts argue that startpage.com has taken the top position because of its newly introduced features such as private search results and anonymous browsing.

Furthermore, when compared to Google, startpage.com does not track users and their logging search activity, which is a big deal.

In a press release, startpage.com said that the Germany organization involved 50 search queries in the test which included “typos, vague descriptions, and other ambiguities.”

“The relevance of the first six search results was evaluated, and the quality of the results were then reviewed in light of other search engine features and policies,” StartPage.com said.

The result

In the grading scheme of 1.0 (best) to 5.0 (worst), Startpage.com came in first with a grade of 2.3 (good), Google Search followed with a score of 2.7 (satisfactory). Ecosia took position three with a score of 2.8, followed by Qwant at 3.2, Bing 3.3, and DuckDuckGo 3.7.

Even though Google managed to beat all other search engines in search criteria and search quality, it scored poorly in the privacy policy and data sending.

Startpage.com CEO Roberts Been was thrilled by the news and said the company was honored to achieve first place in the test.

“It shows that private search has come a long way and that it's not necessary to track people to attain award-winning service and profitability,” Been said in a press statement.

Even though Google has a fantastic user interface, the veteran search engine has the challenge of trading privacy; a factor that has cost it in the ranking.


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