Steam is coming to Chromebooks, report says

It could mean that high-powered Chromebooks are in the future.

Based on the information disclosed by the, it was revealed that Google may potentially bring Steam to Chromebooks through close cooperation with Valve. While there wasn't any concrete timeline for the launch of the feature, it was revealed that the project would be “enabled by Chrome OS's Linux compatibility.”

“Last week at the CES trade show in Las Vegas, I spoke with Kan Liu, Director of Product Management for Google's Chrome OS. In a wide-ranging discussion about the Chrome platform and ecosystem, Liu dropped something of a bombshell on me: the Chrome team is working– very possibly in cooperation with Valve-to bring Steam to Chromebooks,” wrote David Ruddock from

Considering the technological limitations, it can be understood that the Steam client would be running inside the Linux on Chromebooks. Coming to why Valve might be eager to bite the bullet with the technically limited Chromebooks (from gaming standpoint), it can be understood that the company might want to establish itself as the first gaming storefront on Chromebooks.

Furthermore, fellow players such as Microsoft and Epic are giving Valve tough competition as they've established themselves as a credible storefront on the Windows OS. At such a juncture, dominating the niche of Chromebooks might be an advantageous move for Valve.

Though users can access Steam on Chromebooks by installing the Linux client using the Crostini Linux compatibility layer, getting games to run properly is still considered a nightmare.

The current line-up of Chromebooks have poor specs for most mainstream games. However, reports that Google may now change that too and introduce more powerful laptops for supporting more games and enabling better gameplay.

Considering the steady hardware upgrades in each upcoming generation of Chromebooks, bringing Steam to the laptop platforms may be a plausible option. In such a case, Valve bringing Steam to the Chromebooks platform might be an exciting possibility for gamers owning the Google-produced laptops.

Coming to what kind of GPUs shall be installed on the upcoming gaming-friendly Chromebooks, there hasn't been any word out yet. But it is fair to expect that this ambitious project might take a while to materialize.

Naga Pramod

Naga Pramod is a computer science major and tech news reporter with a passion for cyber security, networking, and data science. [email protected]