Twitch streamer Gross Gore says he’ll be contacting the police after unpaid kebabs are sent to his home

The streamer said three unpaid kebabs were sent to his home and he’ll be taking a day of streaming to “sort this out.”

Twitch streamer Gross Gore ended his Sunday stream early and vowed to contact the police after three unwanted and unpaid for kebabs were sent to his home.

Before cutting the stream off, Gore held up a kebab and said: “This is the third kebab ordered to my house tonight, unpaid for. I don’t find it funny at all and I’ve got to close the stream because of it.”

Gore added that he would be contacting the police and his local kebab shops in the area and warned whoever is behind the unwanted orders “you will get caught.”

“It’s not funny and you’re basically blocking my content,” he said.

In a follow-up Twitter video, Gore discussed how the kebabs were having a disruptive effect on his streaming schedule and forcing him to take a day off to “sort this out.”

“It’s not nice and it’s the reason why my anxiety has been playing up for the past four years,” Gore added.

During the stream, Gore also talked about how trolls had targeted him around a year and a half ago and found the building where he used to work.

“I had a little electric box in the corner, and they knew where I was working from, they knew the room number, they knew because this electric box in the corner,” Gore said.

He added that the trolls had even got the blueprints to the building which left him fearing for his life.

Tom Parker

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