Jake Paul copyright claims AnEsonGib video promoting their upcoming boxing match

Paul has been accused of copyright striking the video for a bizarre reason.

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Popular YouTubers Jake Paul and AnEsonGib are due to go toe-to-toe in a boxing match on January 30. Over the last few days, they’ve both taken to YouTube to promote the fight with Paul posting a trailer and Gib posting a promotional video. However, in a strange turn of events, Gib’s promotional video has now been removed from YouTube after a copyright claim from Paul.

Gib broke the news that the video had been taken down and suggested that Paul claimed the video because it made fun of his hairline.

Paul pushed back and said that Gib was stealing his content – a likely reference to the end of Gib’s video (reupload) which contained the full trailer for the fight that Paul had originally posted.

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Keemstar, host of the social media drama show DramaAlert, also weighed in and speculated that Paul got Gib’s video taken down because it was getting more views than Paul’s trailer for the fight.

Response to the takedown is divided. Some are suggesting that Paul’s copyright claim was justified because Gib included Paul’s full trailer at the end of his own video.

Others have pushed back against these claims because Paul’s trailer uses footage that Gib shot for his own documentary.

One thing that is for sure is that Paul’s takedown of the video has wiped out 1.7 million promotional views for the fight – something that’s unlikely to sit well with DAZN USA which will be streaming the fight.

Tom Parker

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