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Banned from Big Tech, Mike Lindell says he’s launching an online marketplace

Lindell says it will compete with Amazon.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has announced the launching of an Amazon e-commerce alternative, MyStore, in a video posted on the company’s site.

Lindell is a staunch Trump supporter who was banned by for suspecting that election fraud occurred during the November presidential vote, and has faced deplatforming and pressure on his business elsewhere by online activist groups.

In the video, he said the goal of MyStore, whose page is now featuring a sampling of products it will be selling, will be to allow entrepreneurs and inventors to market and sell vetted items on the new e-commerce platform – the type of products that he said had the power to “change this country.”

He also announced the launch of the Lindell Recovery Network geared towards helping people struggling with substance abuse, and creating jobs.

The online store now prominently carries products, such as Freedom Flags, Freedom Coffee, books about , and Lindell’s own memoir, among other things. At the moment, the online marketplace offers about 80 products, but the company is announcing hundreds more and offers sellers a form they can use to submit their items.

In conversation with Steve Bannon on Monday, Lindell positioned MyStore as not just an alternative but a rival to the behemoth Amazon. Reports say that the first version of MyStore appeared in 2019, and that there is uncertainty whether a completely new version of the store would be launched now.

Even though he in February estimated that his outspoken political activity would cost his company $65 million in lost revenue in 2021, Lindell is continuing to promote his views and look for ways to compensate for the deplatforming he and many other conservatives are experiencing on the internet.

One of the projects Lindell is working on, Frank, an alternative social media network, is set to launch on April 20, while he is also about to release his Absolute Interference documentary the same day, where he revisits the issue of election integrity that got him blacklisted from Big Tech.

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