NoFap founder sues scientist for saying “porn addiction” doesn’t exist

Rhodes has already raised more than $35,000 through his crowdfunding campaign.

The founder of NoFap, Alexander Rhodes, has filed a lawsuit against neuroscientist Nicole Prause on grounds of libel and defamation. Prause said that the lawsuit against her “has no merit.”

According to the information filed in the lawsuit, it was revealed that Rhodes founded “NoFap” to help fellow men steer clear of excess masturbation and what he believes are the ill effects involved with it. It was also stated that Rhodes himself was a victim of porn addiction from an early age of 11.

The NoFap website states that it is not a movement, but a website that encourages and helps people battle porn addiction by abstaining from masturbation.

With a subreddit that has half a million subscribers and Twitter followers north of 19,000, NoFap is fairly popular and is also commonly associated with #NoNutNovember wherein men are challenged to either not masturbate or even orgasm for one month.

While the NoFap website discourages masturbation and porn addiction, Nicole Prause, a neuroscientist studying sexual science, stated that there wasn't a scientific basis for porn addiction. With regard to the aforementioned lawsuit against her, Prause said that, “Alexander Rhodes and NoFap's lawsuit has no merit nor do his libelous and unfounded assertions regarding me, my character, or my business. He is entitled to his opinions, however he is not entitled to spread complete falsehoods about me to profit himself and silence speech.”

Though Prause seems to view porn addiction through the lens of neuroscience and physiology after which he stated that there wasn't any scientific basis of porn addiction, Rhodes says that Prause's statements are a falsehood. Moreover, Rhodes claimed that Prause's statements caused him significant distress in the form of lost revenue, productivity, and also expenses that exceed the jurisdictional minimum of $75,000.

Andrew Stebbins, the attorney representing Rhodes said that his client will not tolerate “malicious personal attacks from those who seek to discredit, disparage, and otherwise injure him through false statements designed to assassinate his character and reputation.”

As of now, Rhodes has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $200,000 to cover the fees and other expenses in his legal battle against Prause. Rhodes has already raised more than $35,000 through his crowdfunding campaign.

Naga Pramod

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