Congressman slams Google’s lack of response after employee tweets call for violence against Trump supporters

Gosar said that Google’s failure to respond to a violence tweet from one of its employees results in this type of behavior being “normalized and condoned.”

Congressman Paul Gosar has slammed Google for failing to respond promptly after one of its employees allegedly tweeted a call to violence against supporters of President Trump.

The tweet was originally discovered by journalist Mike Cernovich and appears to have been sent by Google employee Vinicius Carvalho.

The tweet read:

“Do you support Trump? No? Look to your left, does that person does? No? So it’s the one on the right, go ahead and please punch that person in the face.”

Shortly after Cernovich shared the tweet, Carvalho deleted his Twitter account.

Cernovich has requested a comment from Google but so far they have failed to respond.

Congressman Paul Gosar slammed Google’s silence on the matter and said that failing to respond results in this type of behavior being normalized.

Other Twitter users have also condemned Google for failing to address the call to violence by one of its employees.

Cernovich added that he isn’t advocating for the employee to lose his job but hopes that both he and Google apologize.

Beyond Google failing to address the call to violence from one of its employees, the incident also highlights Twitter’s inconsistent standards when it comes to applying its own rules.

Tom Parker

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