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Pokémon Home’s subscription pricing is met with mixed reaction online

Trainers are divided.

Pokémon Home, the new centralized storage service of the Pokémon game franchise, finally has a release date – but is being received with varied opinions among users.

Introducing Pokémon Home

If you’ve ever played Pokémon, you’ll know that part of the premise is to collect creatures to build your own collection and “catch ’em all.”

Previously it was possible to transfer the Pokémon directly from game to game, but this was replaced a few generations ago by a cloud storage system.

In this way, players could be sure that their Pokémon were safe and could be transferred to each new game.

The last installment, Pokémon Sword and Shield, did not have this transfer service, but it was promised that in the future it would be available.

Finally, the wait has ended, and users can use the Pokémon Home application starting from February.

However, the successor to Pokémon Bank has caused mixed acceptance among players.

The application will allow us to unidirectionally transfer the Pokemon that we have captured in the Nintendo 3DS games, Pokémon Go and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu, and bi-directionally between Pokémon Home and Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Doubts about the replacement of Pokémon Bank

Although the app will include a free plan, its storage capacity is limited, having only 30 slots.

To enjoy the true potential of the app (6000 slots), users must pay a subscription.

It’s here were the problems began to arise, since the costs to become Premium are $2.99 for one month, $4.99 for 3 months and $15.99 for one year.

Pokémon Sword and Shield has not been free of criticism, and this new app would not be the exception.

Some users began to speculate that if you stop paying the subscription, all stored Pokémon will be deleted.

This question still has no official answer.

There is also the situation of the national Pokédex. The Pokémon franchise currently has more than 1000 unique creatures; there could even be more than 2000 if we take into account the variants.

How does this affect Pokémon Home? Simple, if the Pokémon you want to transfer is not available in the game, it will be retained in the storage service until a game comes out where it is included.

The possibility of losing a Pokémon (or entire collections) due to lack of compatibility is another of the users’ complaints.

However, not all comments have been complaints.

Many people have dedicated months to collect the Pokédex of all the games, and having 6000 slots to store them would be great. And they’re willing to pay for it.

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