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Pornhub now has a .onion site, accessible through Tor for extra privacy

The platform wants users to be able to view content anonymously.

Pornhub is one of the biggest pornographic sites on the internet. The site has been working on various mechanisms to ensure the security and privacy of its millions of users and the most recent strategy is the launch of a Pornhub mirror website accessible from Tor, which allows the anonymity of its visitors.

The new strategy to strengthen privacy

Tor is a browser that allows access to websites that normally could not be visited with other browsers by using a so-called Onion URL. Tor offers users the maximum anonymity possible when browsing the web.

Tracking a person using Tor is relatively difficult since all requests made by this browser are redirected between different addresses and computers. Additionally, in each deviation the request is encrypted, making its tracking more complicated.

Pornhub, in an attempt to protect the sexual interests of its users (especially in countries where sexual preferences may be the difference between life and death) has copied all its content so that it can be accessed from the anonymous browser.

Other companies such as Facebook or even the New York Times have previously implemented this strategy since in this way they can work in countries where the internet is monitored by the government without risking their users.

This is not Pornhub’s first attempt to guarantee the confidentiality of its users. In 2018, the website implemented two new privacy measures: the first was the creation of a VPN; the second is that they began to accept financial transactions through cryptocurrencies, allowing users to pay for services from anonymity.

Of course, due to the nature of the Tor site, some aspects of it will not be available, such as logging in and uploading videos, which ensures that no one can upload inappropriate, illegal content anonymously.

Pornhub’s vice president, Corey Price, also reported that the site is working to improve the confidentiality of all its users, as it knows the importance of privacy in this kind of website.

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