Pro streamer Clix receives 7-day ban from Twitch

Clix is not the first streamer to get banned for featuring Zayn.

Cody “Clix” is a rising star in the world of competitive Fortnite who plays for eSports team Misfits Gaming (MSF). However, his career just suffered a setback when he got banned from Twitch on Monday (Nov 11), which will prevent him from streaming his Solo Cash Cup and FNCS matches.

First of all, it is just a 7-day ban, so rest assured that the young streamer will be back on his feet in less than a week, but what comes across as curious are the circumstances regarding his ban on the platform.

The real reason behind his ban was featuring a fellow streamer named Zayn, who is banned indefinitely from the platform. Although Clix claimed to have him muted and changed his nickname to avoid any issues, it wasn't quite enough, as Twitch was able to figure out who Zayn was, thus causing a ban for Clix.

Apparently, it is forbidden to feature users who have an active ban on them.

Clix is not the first streamer to get banned for featuring Zayn

This situation mirrors that of Tfue Khanada, a fellow Twitch streamer and competitive Fortnite player who also got banned for having Zayn on stream. Then again, Zayn's audio was silenced during the broadcast.

This has prevented Khanada and his teammates from streaming the Fortnite Champion Series Weekly, as it is now clear that featuring a banned streamer is punishable by Twitch, which seems to be the case even if the banned broadcaster is just playing and not appearing publicly on the stream.

However, Khanada's ban is less severe; only three days for him. On the other hand, Clix will have to wait for a week. The aforementioned shows again the lack of consistency that Twitch has when it comes to enforcing punishments.

Zayn was banned from the platform on October 29th, being this his third and final suspension, which was caused by circumventing an existing ban (also indefinite). Zayn claims that he didn't broadcast once, but instead used a different account to watch streams; regardless of that, it is clear that there won't be a fourth chance for him.

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