Meet the gaming forum that banned 20 percent of all users

This is ultimately a good thing for the gaming community as a whole, as the site is not a gaming forum, but a place for social justice warriors to promote their political agenda.

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ResetEra. That's a name that will raise a lot of eyebrows in the gaming community. Not only has the forum proven time and time again to promote cancel culture and outrage against developers, YouTubers, journalists, and anyone that disagrees with them. But they now are also famous for banning nearly 20% of its user base since its beginning.

ResetEra has banned over 10K users since 2017

As noted on Twitter by @GamesNosh, the forum statistics revealed that over 10.13k users have been banned since the website’s launch in 2017. On top of that, only 5K users have ever been warned, which only serves to question their way of dealing with those who disagree to fall in line with their narrow opinion window.

Some people refer to the site as NeoGAF 2.0 but with even stricter rules, while many others criticize its tendency to push identity politics into the gaming community. But if something is true, is that the moderators of ResetEra don't hesitate to ban anyone, even if their only crime is to speak the truth or have a different point of view.

Some users suspect that the number could be even higher when taking into account the zero-tolerance policy that is enforced on the site.

The forum also has a relatively small user base, with little over 48k users. But despite all of this, the gaming industry and several journalists and gamers have still taken them seriously. However, this revelation should help to revert the situation and prove that ResetEra’s influence and reach are way smaller than they think it is.

This is ultimately a good thing for the gaming community as a whole, as the site is not a gaming forum, but a place for social justice warriors and far-leftists to promote their political agenda.

Regardless of your political view on them, ResetEra has been accused of doxing GOG staff, having a zero-tolerance policy, banning videos of certain YouTubers on their website, attacking game studios THQ Nordic and Limited Run Games, sending threats to game developers, promoting censorship in games, and many other activities.

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