Harrowing screams captured in Amazon Ring doorbell footage causes police to open kidnapping investigation

Police initially had no evidence of a crime being committed.

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Harrowing screams captured on a Ring doorbell camera have caused police to open a kidnapping case after previously not being able to find evidence of a crime.

A woman's pleas for help can be heard as a vehicle passes in front of the Ring surveillance camera in Leimert Park, Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

A possible kidnapping was reported around the 3800 block of Third Avenue at about 11 pm on Tuesday. But officers who responded to the scene weren't able to find any evidence of a crime, according to Los Angeles Police Department Officer Mike Lopez.

However, in an Amazon Ring doorbell video from a home on the same block, a woman can easily be heard screaming for help – repeatedly saying, “Somebody help me” — as a vehicle drives past the camera.

A couple at the home can be seen emerging after apparently hearing the screams in the street.

The woman's pleas can be heard for at least 30 seconds and end when the vehicle passes out of shot.

The timestamp on the video reads 11:11 pm.

Officer Mike Lopez said LAPD became aware of the Amazon Ring doorbell footage Wednesday night, and it prompted them to reopen the investigation.

Detectives were searching the neighborhood, hoping to uncover any clues regarding the reported kidnapping, Lopez said.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact detectives a LAPD Southwest at 213-485-6570.

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Cindy Harper

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