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Streamer s1mple asks Twitch to release him from Partner program after tiring of Twitch’s unfair rules

Like many other streamers, s1mple has had enough.

For those familiar with the CS:GO competitive scene, Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev is someone that needs no introduction – being often cited as the best Counter-Strike player in the world. He is also known for his Twitch streams, which gather thousands of viewers every single day.

However, the Ukranian streamer is considering ending his partnership with Twitch following a ban.

S1mple recently got banned from the platform for using a slur during one of his streams, and he has been very vocal about the situation, accusing Twitch of never considering the context in which the words are used and always making the worst assumption possible.

“Twitch doesn’t understand the different meanings of the same word in different contexts,” said the streamer on .

In this sense, s1mple considers that the ban is totally unfair and that the platform fails at enforcing the rules equally for all streamers. “If you ban me for this, then the rules should be the same for other streamers as well.”

Moreover, this is not the first ban that s1mple has got this year, as he was suspended from the platform in August for saying a “homophobic slur” to one of his teammates. The streamer alleged that it was meant to be a joke and nothing more, which is a claim backed by his fans, who noted that the very same word that caused the suspension can be used as a synonym for “stupid” or “obnoxious”.

S1mple wishes to end his partnership with Twitch

The CS:GO star endured his first ban with reluctance, but this time, he is asking for Twitch to end his partnership. Keep in mind that this type of contract legally obliges individuals to stream exclusively on the company’s platform, meaning that he is not allowed to move his broadcast to another site like Mixer or Dlive, which are quickly becoming popular alternatives to Twitch, as Twitch is facing complaints about the way it unfairly moderates.

Kostyliev seems very serious about ending the partnership with the platform, as he mentioned in one of his Tweets that he tried to do it by himself – but because of the ban he can’t, prompting him to ask Twitch to do it for him, a request that still hasn’t got an answer.

“Can’t remove Twitch partnership by myself because of the ban, do it instead of me please @Twitch?”

Of course, S1mple could be merely bluffing, but the reality of the situation is that being stuck with a platform that doesn’t seem to care about its Partners and bans them over trivial matters, is not a good idea either.

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