Scammers caught trying to profit off of Narwhal, the puppy with a “horn”

Scammers are out looking for donations.

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As with many viral online stories, there are always a number of people that try to pull a fast one on a gullible audience in order to make a quick buck. 

It's been revealed that the virality of Narwhal, the rescue puppy with the tail-like growth coming out of his head, has been the perfect opportunity for scammers who want to steal money from those who want to help out with his growing medical bills.

Rochelle Steffen, who founded the shelter that rescued the pup, told TMZ that there's been a mass of fake accounts popping up on Facebook and Twitter, run by scammers asking for donations for Narwhal.

She said that she's already been made aware of several scams, reporting them to Facebook and Instagram to get them shut down.

Steffen said that several people already donated to the Missouri-based shelter where Narwhal is waiting to be adopted. The shelter has already received almost $4,000 and Mac’s Mission Animal Rescue has set up a separate donation feature on its Facebook account for those that want to donate to the shelter. 

Since Narwhal's medical treatment is pretty much covered by the donations already, any extra money raised will go toward other shelter pups. 

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Cindy Harper

Cindy Harper is a tech news staff writer based in Maryland, USA. After getting her start in local journalism, Cindy now reports mostly on social media stories for Reclaim. [email protected]
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