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While it is commonly known that Congress is closing in on the big tech over antitrust allegations, the latest report now confirms that even the state attorneys general are also planning on contributing to the big tech crackdown.

“What we need to do as attorneys general is steal a motto from the companies. I think we need to move fast, I think we need to be very thorough and thoughtful, and I think once we gather the information, we have to consider whether or not to break things,” says Doug Peterson, attorney general of Nebraska

The attorneys general of Louisiana, Tennessee and Nebraska said that in the case of tech monopolies such as Google and Facebook, they don’t think fines alone will suffice. According to two people familiar with the discussions involving attorneys general, it is believed that multiple US states are waiting to launch a string of investigations into the big tech.

Previously, the tech industry was either under investigation or was on the verge of a probe by the Justice Department, Federal Trade Commission, and the House Judiciary Committee. However, the attorneys general’s decisions to corner the tech industry seem to be a new development.

The attorney general Herbert Slatery said that the government needs to implement a structural change in the tech industry to control the monopolies and balance the competition.

“What can happen is, corporate power can become greater than government power and, at that point, it becomes greater than democracy itself,” said Jeff Landry, attorney general of Louisiana.


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