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“Fact-Checking Festival” with Stelter and Fauci is the $100 VIP experience you didn’t know you were missing

The event is run by Facebook "fact-checking" partner, PoltiFact.

Those in need of a little levity in their news during these trying times, might find it in the announcement of something called “United Facts of America – A Festival of Fact-Checking” – an upcoming online event that will feature none other than CNN’s Brian Stelter.

Stelter will be joined by Dr. Anthony Fauci as one of the guests of the four-day “festival,” – but not only that. Tickets sell for $25-50, while the “VIP experience” will cost you $100 – and it includes a private virtual happy hour with Stelter.

The whole thing is organized by PolitiFact, a fact-checking operation of the Poynter Institute, which is also responsible for launching the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). This group certifies fact-checkers that are then hired by Big Tech to produce some of the biggest controversies around the stifling of free speech that have plagued the internet in recent years.

Then there’s Stelter himself who has used his talk show to repeatedly call for more internet and media censorship.

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One of Stelter’s recent guests was PolitiFact editor-in-chief Angie Holan, when the two got together on CNN to defend New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Covid policies. Now, Holan is set to interview Stelter as they “celebrate fact-checking” – and the event will charge $100 a piece from those willing to pay for this “VIP experience.”

There are no Republicans on the list of guests and participants. Instead there will be more cross-pollination between liberal figures and media and PolitiFact. For example, Steven Hassan will be one of the keynote speakers. This mental health counselor is known for his writings about Trump’s alleged cult of personality – and in 2019 appeared on Stelter’s show to promote a book about this.

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