Twitch bounty hunter will user private stream to get around Twitch’s strict rules

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Popular Twitch Streamer “StephenIRL” just broke silence after weeks of no updates following his ban on the platform. For those who don't know him, StephenIRL is best known for broadcasting his bounty hunter activities on Twitch, but on September 11th he was banned from the platform for “brandishing a weapon” during a stream. The ban came without warning and it was said to be permanent.

Given his line of work – which often involves dangerous activities – isn't very hard to imagine why Twitch could take actions against him, but we can agree that the actual reason seems absurd and the consequences were too severe.

StephenIRL is back to the “hunt”

The bounty hunter's last update was on September 25th via YouTube, where he replied to the concerns of his followers and explained the circumstances regarding his ban on the platform. However, after that update, StephenIRL went silent… Until now.

Fans will be glad to know that on October 13th the popular streamer announced the lifting on his ban and that he is finally back to “the hunt”. Nonetheless, there will be some changes in order to appease Twitch and avoid getting banned again.

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It's funny how StephenIRL decided to announce his triumphal return, as he initially claimed to be turning his real-life stream into a gaming channel.

Of course, it was merely a joke and Stephen confirmed that he will be returning to his normal content very soon, but there is a catch.

Stephen has decided to take the juicy parts of his stream (e.g. arrests) to a private server far away from Twitch's eye. Otherwise, he won't be able to show anything.

He also clarified that each time that he and his partner trespass onto private property for an arrest or a raid, the Twitch broadcast will be “going dark”, but shortly after, a link will be provided to the private server, where viewers will be able to see the content they came for.

It's also worth mentioning that the reason for his long silence was because of Twitch actively monitoring all his social media and requesting him not to be very vocal about his situation.

The streamer also denounced the lack of communication of the platform: “None of this was communicated to me, that they didn't want this kind of content on their platform, because at that point I would have stopped”.

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