Sweet Anita gives stream donation to therapist to help others

Anita wants to help someone who wouldn't normally be able to afford treatment.

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Twitch streamer Sweet Anita has decided to match the donation of the money she recently received during a stream, thus doubling the money that would go to a cause of her choice.

Changing the world step by step

This streamer became popular over the last year due to her videos full of positivity, joy, and Overwatch gameplay; however, she’s also known for suffering from, and raising awareness of, Tourette syndrome.

Moreover, although she has managed to overcome the worst of her illness, she still feels empathy for those who suffer from it, as she showed during her broadcast on January 20 after one of her spectators offered her a donation for charity.

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“addieleaf”, who donated £305.81, indicated that he wanted the streamer to donate this money to any charity she wanted, all to have a 2020 full of “love and kindness”.

Sweet Anita’s decision

After finishing the broadcast of the day, Sweet Anita wrote a tweet where she revealed what she planned to do with this money. In the message, she explained that she would double the amount by putting money from her pocket, and that she will give it to her past therapist. According to Anita, she wants this money to be used for someone who cannot pay for the treatment she enjoyed.

Sweet Anita’s message was “After much thought, I am matching this donation from a close friend, and giving it to my therapist” she wrote.

The streamer explained that, thanks to therapy, she managed to overcome that rough stage of her life. However, treatment can be somewhat expensive, so she hopes that the £611.62 will be an aid to a patient with similar conditions that cannot afford to be treated.

Fabrizio Bulleri
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