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Unlike on other social platforms, TikTok’s top accounts are indie creators, not brands or celebs

TikTok is growing rapidly.

The fast-growing video app has an immense user base, but among them, there is an elite group that has stood out from the rest, becoming the most-followed personalities of the entire platform.

Interestingly, while many other social platforms have become overrun with celebrities and brands as the top accounts, independent creators are currently at the top of TikTok and it hasn’t yet caved to mainstream celebrity culture.

TikTok, the beginning of a new era

TikTok became, in just three years, one of the most important social networks in the world.

Its premise has captivated many, as we can see in the numbers revealed by the Social Tracker platform.

However, even more impressive is knowing who are those who have stood out on the platform.

The list, consisting of 20 accounts, reveals that just three brand accounts are at the top (two being of TikTok and TikTok_India and one of Live TV).

The rest are individuals (or groups of friends) that have managed to attract millions of followers.

Those who wish to belong to this exclusive list will have to exceed 20 million followers.

The biggest users on the TikTok platform:

Rank Account Follower Number
1 Loren Gray 38,885,411
2 TikTok 36,839,602
3 Zach King 33,952,420
4 BabyAriel 30,211,267
5 Riyaz 28,254,883
6 charli d’amelio 24,958,789
7 LIVE TV 23,491,397
8 Kristen Hancher 23,377,099
9 GIL CROES 23,170,669
10 flighthouse 22,562,403
11 Awez Darbar 22,207,942
12 Jacob Sartorius 22,069,231
13 Arishfa Khan 21,675,808
14 Nisha Guragain 21,609,999
15 TikTok_India 21,148,721
16 jiffpom 20,763,128
17 jannat_zubair29 20,450,204
18 Brent Rivera 20,101,397
19 JAY CROES 19,924,197
20 Lucas and Marcus 19,849,840
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