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Top Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect suspended from Twitch

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The provocative internet personality and Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect got himself banned from Twitch after live streaming from a bathroom at the ongoing E3 convention. Twitch handpicks a few popular streamers for attending the E3 seminar on its behalf every year. In what appears to be his first ever IRL (in real life) stream, Dr Disrespect seems to have violated a California state law and Twitch’s community guidelines.

According to his live stream, it was evident that he walked into a public washroom while shouting “bodyguard” at the attendees. At the time of streaming, there were several E3 attendees in the restroom, including a child.

E3 is considered as one of the largest gaming events held every year in the US. One can find a long list of big names of the gaming industry attending this event where they showcase their upcoming games, consoles and gaming hardware. Twitch issues an entry pass to a handful of streamers and sends them to the event to cover it officially.

While bathrooms are not specifically mentioned in Twitch’s community guidelines, it is however evident that filming people in a private space without their consent is unacceptable. California doesn’t prohibit streamers from covering people in public spaces, filming them in an extremely private such as a restroom is, however, a violation of the state’s ‘invasion of privacy law.’

After Dr Disrespect’s stream went live, several people drew attention to the fact that he filmed people in a public bathroom without consent. Twitch immediately responded by banning his account and making all his videos inaccessible. It was reported that Twitch also canceled his pass to E3.

Dr Disrespect hasn’t commented on the issue yet and his last tweet seems to be a mention of the unfortunate IRL that got him banned.

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