Twitch streamer Viperous suspended after her accent makes Twitch think she used a racial slur

Viperous says she said "nerd" and her fans agree.

Twitch streamer Viperous has been banned from the platform as Twitch believes that she used a racial slur. Viperous disagrees and said what she actually said was “nerd”.

Viperous is a popular gaming streamer mostly known for playing Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite, with over 10,000 followers and over 1,500 subscribers.

Today, Viperous tweeted that she had been temporarily banned by Twitch after they suggested she used the n-word while livestreaming.

Viperous' channel is currently down. 

The streamer's channel is currently down.

Viperous used Twitter to put out her side of the story and let her followers know what was happening. 

“I just got banned on Twitch for a clip of me that went around for literally saying “nerd”,” she said. “I call people who kill me nerd all the time and whatever it sounds like i said, it was literally just nerd.” 

Viperous' suspension email

Viperous' boyfriend, known as The Mob’s Classify, responded in support. He said: “It’s actually so stupid because it’s obvious you said nerd (and anyone who plays with you/watches your stream knows you say it all the time) but mfs who don’t know you will just make this way more than it is. Just sucks the subathon was force ended for somethin so dumb.”

Popular viewers of the channel will understand that Viperous does often call people“nerd”, especially during times when she has been killed by a competitor. 

While her long-term fans believe that she said “nerd” some others have speculated that she did, in fact, use a racial slur. Mostly however, most think that it was just her accent that was causing the trouble.


It wouldn't be the first time Twitch has banned someone for what they thought was a racial slur that turned out to be something else.

In April, streamer TF Blade was banned for using what Twitch said was the “N-word” and what he actually said was “idiots.” His ban was kept but was reduced to just 7 days.

Update – November 12, 2019: Twitch has apologized for mistakenly suspending Viperous and reversed the suspension.

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