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YouTube still hasn’t reinstated XboxAddictionz, ProPepper, TheMasterOfLuck, and InTrollsive

The channels were banned without warning and without specific reason.

Using as a means to be heard, multiple YouTubers claim that the video platform has been removing channels even though they comply with community standards.

history and canceled channels

In November 2019, YouTube updated its usage policies by applying new wide-reaching harassment restrictions to all channels.

Since December, many unjustified bans have been raised, even on large channels with more than a million subscribers.

The first case of notable importance was that of XboxAddictionz, who had 3.6 million followers and uploaded content at a constant pace.

Now more cases are being reported.

The three YouTubers: ProPepper, TheMasterOfLuck, and InTrollsive, have claimed the same thing that XboxAddictionz said in December, reporting that they never received warnings of any kind from YouTube and that their channels have been shut down.

According to the four affected, in all the time they had been making videos they had never suffered from any previous sanction, so they do know the reasons for the ban, and YouTube hasn’t specifically told them.

Careers destroyed

In several cases, the affected YouTubers have expressed that they have worked for years to get the number of subscribers they had.

XboxAddictionz had more than 8 years on the platform and had uploaded a considerable amount of content, which is no longer available.

Next on the list, by the number of subscribers, is ProPepper, which already had more than 2.3 million.

In his tweet, he says that all his videos respected the standards set by YouTube staff and his channel has been removed without warning.

Then there is InTrollsive case. The channel had just over a million subscribers.

Finally, there is Master Of Luck – the YouTuber was dedicated to making videos of heavy jokes, and in 5 years of career had already exceeded one million subscribers.

Master Of Luck expressed his outrage that YouTubers like JayStation were allowed on the platform and he was not.

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