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Free speech is one of the critical tenets of a functioning society but it’s currently under attack. Speech is being curbed by government, tech platforms, and more – often with shadowy collusion. Support the fight to reclaim free speech.

Politicians that don’t understand the internet are intent on regulating it – and not always in a way that benefits users. They’re constantly trying to attack free speech and surveil citizens – and lobbyists with massive budgets are helping them do it. Help us push back.

Governments around the world are pushing to introduce Digital ID systems, some of which involve biometrics and can be tied to mechanisms to allow access to state and private services. The privacy risks and the creation of a checkpoint society needs to be challenged.

Big Tech platforms have a monopoly on the way most people communicate and share information. But they’re increasingly user-hostile, agenda-driven, and determined to change their “terms” to police the public conversation. They also collect massive amounts of personal data. Help us hold them accountable.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are part of a plot for governments to have central control of money, enabling unprecedented surveillance. It would also allow governments to program what you can spend it on. It’s time to speak up for individual sovereignty.

Online media is often weaponized and used to undermine and discredit certain communities, individuals, and creators. As legacy media begins to die and indie creators and communities rise, the media is doing everything it can to smear and control the narrative. Help us amplify the voice of individuals.

As Big Tech and their legacy media gatekeepers continue to exert greater control over the internet, real people are losing their voice and freedoms are being threatened with increasing speed.

At Reclaim The Net, we keep the focus firmly on the censored and independent voices by sharing their stories, amplifying their voice, and reporting on the issues that matter to them.

Big tech policies are resulting in increased online censorship and legacy media gatekeepers want to control the conversation.

Reclaim The Net exposes the workings of Big Tech monopolies, the media, government, and the subtle (and not so subtle) ways free speech is being eroded in the online era.

Reclaim The Net also gives a platform for emerging technology and independent developers who want to create alternative, privacy-friendly, censorship-resistant solutions to keep free speech alive for future generations.

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