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1917 movie leaks online, first major screener piracy leak of 2020

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There has been a massive rise in the number of leaked screener movies in the recent past. After an all-time low in the last year, we are now seeing a massive spike in the release of screeners such as the Golden Globe award-winner 1917, which also happens to be one of the most note-worthy leaks this time.

What’s more, the group TOPKEK, which usually never releases screeners was heavily involved in this time. Based on the report by TorrentFreak, it was revealed that there were six new leaks in the last 24-hours, making the total number of leaked screeners 16. The never-seen-before streak of screeners being leaked online might certainly grab the attention of both the Hollywood and law enforcement.

“A pirated screener dump of this magnitude in such a short time frame is something we haven’t seen before,” wrote TorrentFreak.

It is strange to notice that TOPKEK, which is known for releasing pirated movies, but not screeners in the past, has chosen to get involved in the recent string of leaked screeners.

The critically acclaimed movie with ten Academy Award nominations and a Golden Globe award: 1917 was leaked by Hive-CM8 as well as TOPKEK. Based on the copies released by both the groups, it was determined that they have obtained the copies from different sources as the quality heavily varied.

Hive-CM8 said that the movie had made enough profits so far and that it could therefore be released out now. “Gross is doing ok, so it’s ready to go,” wrote Hive-CM8.

Both the groups have also released a copy of another Academy Award nominee, the biographical drama film: Richard Jewell.

Apart from the aforementioned two films, “A hidden Life”, “Color Out of Space”, “Dark Waters”, and “Queen and Slim” were also four other films whose screeners were leaked by both Hive-CM8 and TOPKEK. The latter film was supposedly released with a special “QuerySCR” tag essentially making it impossible to decode the source from which it was released.

Interestingly, the copy of the film “Dark Waters” was released in 1080p and had a file size of 33.7 GB, making it the largest-sized copy of them all.

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