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79 percent of tech employees expect companies to publicly support Black Lives Matter

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It’s hard to find a major corporation that hasn’t gotten behind the Black Lives Matter movement in recent months, with, as we’ve covered, many employees who don’t support the movement getting fired. And the results of a new survey show why.

From the perspective of employees in some sectors, it makes it clear that the corporate workforce wants their respective organizations to stand in support of the movement.

Fishbowl, a social network company catering to the evolving needs of remote work, has recently conducted a survey on what employees expect their companies to say, with regard to current affairs.


The survey was conducted for three days in early June and was taken by more than 15,000 remote workers from companies such as Facebook, Nike, Deloitte, and Edelman.

Unsurprisingly, nearly 70% of the professionals expect their companies to issue a public statement when it comes to the Black Lives Matter cause. While 77% women want their organizations to speak out, only 63% of men think the same.

Moving on to the industry-wise analysis, it becomes clear that human resources employees are the largest group expecting the organizations to issue a statement in support of the movement. Nearly 90% of human resources professionals want their companies to express their views about the Black Lives Matter movement online or in some other way.

We then have the tech industry, followed by the advertising industry, at 78.93% and 78.42%, respectively. The finance and law industries, however, finished last with only 57% and 48% professionals wanting their organizations to speak out.

It is worth noting that tech companies, mainly Big Tech ones, are often put under a microscope and are expected to issue a public statement at times such as these. While most law firms or advertising companies may not be a household name, Facebook and Google definitely are. It is because of this popularity that there is an immense internal pressure within tech industry to react proactively and state its opinion on sensitive issues promptly to avoid backlash.

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