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A Reddit user proves he was banned from a subreddit because of racist mods

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A community on Reddit dedicated to Socialism, /r/Socialism, is being accused of a racially motivated ban against a user, Crazy_Curtice – who has reportedly been prevented from participating “for being white.”

The ban took place nearly a year ago, but has now come to light thanks to the banned user taking part in a recent conversation criticizing the Socialism subreddit, and mentioning his ban of last year.

Crazy_Curtice commented this week on /r/Conservative to say that the screenshot of /r/Socialism informing him of the ban was originally posted on r/greentext, as an example of the Socialist community’s practices.

“I’m actually kind of surprised that everyone is talking about this now. The whole reason that screenshot exists is because someone in r/greentext was talking about how trashy r/socialism is, so I showed them how bad they can really be.This happened like half a year ago. I’ve seen this posted all over several different subs now, and a lot of people think it’s fake because I have “homophobic” comments in the past or I visit T_D occasionally. If anyone’s curious, yes it’s real. I’m not socialist, I commented on something that showed up on r/all. The post linked to an article that talked about some politician being racist. I simply commented saying that no race should be discriminated against, even if they are white. Apparently that gets me banned.

“It’s not that big of a deal. The world is a corrupt place, and as we near the end times, it’s only going to get worse. The Bible says not to waste our time with such trivial matters, and to focus on spreading God’s word. I’m not surprised or upset by the blatant racism displayed here.”

A note from moderators attached to the decision read, “White.” The screenshot – that the banned user says is authentic – further shows that when he inquired what that meant, the reply was: “No whites allowed.”

source: Reddit user Crazy_Curtice

Crazy_Curtice’s original comment on /r/Socialism had to do with a post accusing a politician of being racist, to which his response was that “no race should be discriminated against, even if they are white.”

That apparently then quickly escalated into a ban.

In his comment on /r/Conservative this week, Crazy_Curtice said he wasn’t “surprised or upset by the blatant racism” describing instead the world as an increasingly corrupt place, in keeping with its trajectory toward “the end time.”

The comment – that has since been removed – got the user banned on the Socialist subreddit. In it, he argues that socialists readily accuse conservatives of various forms of bigotry, but that they don’t practice what they preach, as they are intolerant of opposing views.

“You know it’s funny how the meanings of hate speech and discrimination change depending on who it’s directed towards. You people constantly bash conservatives for “homophobia” and “bigotry” and all kinds of other things, but say something negative about anyone other than a straight white male and you need to be banned.

A bigot is someone who is intolerant of other opinions. If you are intolerant of the opinions shown on r/The_Donald aren’t you a bigot as well?

“Not to mention that is an American subreddit, and in America we have freedom of speech, religion, and expression by the first amendment of the Bill of Rights.

“TL;DR they have the right to say anything they want, and you can call them all the names you like, but you can’t ban them for expressing their opinions because that is the very discrimination you are speaking against.”

He also shared that he believes that the First Amendment applies to Reddit as an American platform and its communities and that his speech and religious views should, therefore, be protected there.

The is part of the “Social Justice Warrior” phenomenon – a disapproving term for those espousing liberal and progressive politics, that are however seen as being disingenuous. According to the report, Reddit is guilty of increasingly falling in line with such views and acting unfairly to prevent communities and users on its platform from expressing opposite political and ideological agendas.

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