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AI companies are working on tech to detect faces, even when people are wearing face masks

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In the latest episode of BBC One’s Frontline Fightback, a series on the use of technology by law enforcement, the show highlighted Corsight AI, a tech company that produces facial recognition technology for use in crime-fighting.

In the episode, executives from Corsight AI were interviewed, highlighting the advantages of facial recognition technology in fighting crime in cases where the suspects have covered their faces.

“We can do facial recognition with masks, we can do facial recognition at 90 degree head turn. We can do facial recognition, acute angles of address from high-mounted cameras,” says Corsight CEO Rob Watts.

“Pretty much, if we can get 50 pixels between the ears on an image we’ll be able to give facial recognition against that person.

“Criminals believe that they can be walking around in plain sight wearing a face mask….And they’re thinking that they can go and commit crime…They will be detected.”

Using AI technology, police can run video footage through a system that can analyze video faster than a human in real-time and then detect whether any faces in the video are of known people.

“What we can do is just consume that video fast-track 15x, 30x…It will tell you how many faces you’ve seen in that footage and whether any of those faces were known to you. That then acts as intelligence for the police officers to continue on that case.”

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