Alex Jones, Laura Loomer and other censored personalities reportedly to get private meeting at The White House

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Alex Jones is one of the biggest online personalities, despite being one of the most banned and censored – and his project, Infowars, has been going for 20 years – making it one of the largest and most successful independent media organizations ever.

Yet many people associated with Infowars have been banned on multiple social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

The wave of bans issued by Twitter and Facebook concern a large number of influential people.

The importance of the issue was recognized on the governmental level when The White House decided to pay some attention to the issue and announced a new Social Media Summit during which the government officials and President Trump aimed to discuss some pressing issues related to censorship on social media platforms and bans of influential individuals.

Many wondered why figures such as Alex Jones and others weren't invited to the summit, when they happened to be the ones who have been censored the most.

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However, as reported by Infowars, Ali Alexander, a free speech advocate that was invited to the summit, said that President Trump is planning separate future meetings with Alex Jones and other banned figures.

“I talked to the President’s staff on y’alls’ behalf and there will be a separate meeting for the banned folks: Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, and Alex Jones — and the White House plans to meet with those folks separately to hear how they actually got banned because the media reports something nasty,” Alexander told Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer.

The conversation, if it will happen, may bring back to life multiple debates about bans of conservative and libertarian public figures such as Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Laura Loomer – others who Alexander says will also get a meeting at The White House.

Mr. Alexander says that the White House should listen directly to people who were banned based on ideological differences between them and protected groups.

“And so what they need to hear is straight voices and the president is ready to collect those voices hear them inside of our government. And I would say you’re not alone. The government will hear you soon, but we ought to hold President Trump and the administration to account, but what I heard today really did encourage me for everyone,” Alexander said.

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Igor Tyan

Igor Tyan is an online culture writer for Reclaim The Net. His main topics revolve around the growing devisions in today's internet culture and censorship that takes place on online platforms. He keeps an eye on the zeitgeist at all times. [email protected]