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Alex Jones sues The Young Turks and Brianna Wu for libel

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Infowars host Alex Jones has today filed suit against progressive news network The Young Turks and Democratic congressional candidate Brianna Wu for libel. The suit argues that the defendants libeled Jones over the summer by accusing him of sending child porn to Sandy Hook parents when he was actually the victim of a crime.

The suit details how Infowars was targeted by cybercriminals who sent emails containing child porn to Infowars while Jones was being sued by relatives of the Sandy Hook shooting victims. The suit claims that the emails were never opened by any Infowars staff:

“In May 23, 2018, Infowars, Jones’ employer, was sued by a range of people, including those related to victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. During the litigation period, Infowars’ corporate email accounts were attacked by online cybercriminals ideologically allied with the Defendants, with spyware and malware, claiming to be Sandy Hook related emails, by including Sandy Hook terms in the emails. Hidden and embedded in the emails the hackers sent to various Infowars email addresses were images and videos of child pornography. The emails were never opened by anyone at Infowars.”

These unopened emails were turned over to the lawyers of the Sandy Hook shooting victims during discovery and Jones’ suit alleges that the cyberattack was a deliberate attempt to create a false controversy:

“It appears the hackers who tried to plant the emails on Infowars’ servers were aware of this discovery process, and deliberately used Sandy Hook terms in the emails to create a false controversy. By court order, all those emails were turned over, including unopened emails. In that process, the lawyers discovered that someone had been trying to plant child porn on Infowars computers under the guise of Sandy Hook emails.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were contacted to investigate and concluded that: “The emails were archived and were found to have never been opened by any member of No one at Infowars had any knowledge of the content; Jones was the intended victim.”

The suit then argues that “knowing that Jones was an intended victim of an email attack on his employer’s computer servers, the Defendants chose to lie & libel Jones instead, accusing him of a federal felony of possessing and transmitting child pornography to the families of victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.”

The suit cites the following incidents as examples of the defendants libeling Jones:

One. On June 17, 2019, The Young Turks, by and through host Cenk Uygur, published a tweet saying: “Alex Jones sent child porn to Sandy Hook parents” and used the same headline in a YouTube video

Two. On June 17, 2019, Brianna Wu published a tweet saying: “This is shocking, even by Alex Jones standards. He didn’t just send child porn to the ’#SandyHook families, he threatened to murder them on the air.”

Jones’ attorney, Robert Barnes, added that Jones is only suing those who refused to retract and correct their statements that accused Jones of being the perpetrator:

“For too long, the media feels it can tell any lie or libel about Alex Jones that it wants. Jones, as a strong advocate of both free press and free speech, resisted calls for suing those who continued to lie and libel him. But enough is enough. It is time to fight back. It is time for the truth to come out. Jones only sued those who refused requests for retractions and corrections. Other defendants who similarly fail to retract or correct can look forward to future lawsuits. The media may think it’s Goliath, but it’s time it met David on the battlefield.”

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