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Tisch school dean replies with mocking dance, when students ask for refund after canceled classes

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The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has resulted in several troublesome consequences for the better part of the world. Be it the acute shortage of utilities or the number of people and businesses losing revenue, the financials of many people are looking very bleak.

At such a juncture, it is natural that students may want a refund of their fees for canceled classes. Whether the refund is to be granted or not is another matter altogether.

Much like several universities around the world, even the New York University Tisch School of the Arts has canceled classroom sessions and is conducting reduced replacement virtual classes. The students, however, said that they didn’t sign up for online sessions and that they need their tuition money refunded.

The dean of the art school, Allyson Green, instead of offering a straight reply to their requests, sent a mocking video of herself dancing to the song “Losing My Religion” by REM alongside denying to cater to their request.

One of the several shocked students went on to upload the video on social media. Naturally, it became a viral sensation.

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Michael Price, a 21-year-old student, shared the video online and called the dean’s actions “embarrassing”.

“This was not an accident, this was her sort of way of trying to reach out to the student body,” Price said.

Students have to pay a whopping $58,552 per year to attend the Tisch School of the Arts. What’s more, students attending top-tier art schools expect to receive hands-on training, and that has been the norm.

The art school has already forced out all the students from the campus in the wake of the outbreak and sent them home.

While that may be understandable, they are not receiving any hands-on learning as they are solely restricted to virtual classes.

The dean said that the virtual classes were costing the school “millions more” and that the school is paying for all the facilities, even though the students don’t get access to any of them.

Several alumni, appalled by the dean’s actions, voiced their opinions in the favor of the students.

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