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Amazon drops BLM from its charity program

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Tech giant Amazon has suspended the Black Lives Matter organization from its charity program, AmazonSmile.

“Charitable organizations must meet the requirements outlined in our participation agreement to be eligible for AmazonSmile,” an Amazon representative told the Washington Examiner.

“Among other eligibility requirements, organizations are required to be in good standing in their state of incorporation and in the states and territories where they are authorized to do business. Organizations that don’t meet the requirements listed in the agreement may have their eligibility suspended or revoked. Charities can request to be reinstated once they are back in good standing.”

Amazon pulling its support from the organization is a stark contrast to 2020 when Amazon itself donated $10 million to the organization following the death of George Floyd.

Amazon refused to say whether it had made any attempt to verify if BLM used the money it donated for charitable causes at any point during its listing of the organization as part of its program and if so, give specifics about why it changed its mind to list it.

On February 2, both Washington and California issued the BLM with legal challenges for the organization’s alleged failure to report what was done with the money it received in the last half of 2020. According to investigators, over $60M is unaccounted for.

According to BLM’s website, the organization raised more than $90 million in 2020.

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