Twitch streamer ANIS13K admits to pocketing donations intended for Multiple Sclerosis charity

The streamer has asked for forgiveness.

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French Twitch Streamer “ANIS13K” publicly admitted that he stole part of the donations from his audience that were raised for charities and used them for his benefit.

ANIS13K’s vicious circle

ANIS13K had been raising funds to donate them to the “French Association of Multiple Sclerosis”. These donations were collected in several instances over 5 years; however, a Twitter account called “Reveal Truth” released a video of a call made to the organization, who admits not having received any donation from the streamer.

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The video was accompanied by a message that said: “You have let your community down by claiming you were doing charitable donations. All the gifts you receive from your community, who believed they were contributing to a noble cause, have been nothing more than a farce and abuse of trust.”

Due to all these accusations, ANIS13K made a live broadcast on January 2 where he accepted his guilt and explained to his entire audience the reasons why he had not sent the donations to the French Association of Multiple Sclerosis. The 26-minute video ends with the streamer asking for forgiveness.

ANIS13K’s apologies and legal case

In the statements offered during this broadcast, he admitted he had not “made the right decision.”

“I watched as other streamers advanced on Twitch. Although I wasn’t jealous, I was envious of what they got. I was always aware that what I was doing was wrong…” said ANIS13K who was trying to justify his actions.

Finally, he apologized to his French viewers, and mentioned that he has been in contact with the French Association of Multiple Sclerosis to see if there was any way to replenish the money he spent.

At the end, he also made it clear that that would probably be the last time they would see him on Twitch. It is not known if it will continue to make live broadcasts; although shortly after a Mixer account was created with the same username.

Despite all this, a fan who donated for the charity said through Discord that they are filing charges against ANIS13K. Also, he is in contact with the French Association of Multiple Sclerosis so that they can support the legal action against him.

Fabrizio Bulleri
Fabrizio Bulleri is a tech reporter with several years of experience covering the Asian tech market. He likes traveling and keeping up with everything digital-related. [email protected]