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Streamer Annarf explains why simps are bad for society

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The Canadian streamer Annarf said during a live-stream on March 15 that women do not need to receive special treatment just because they are women, and that “simping” only creates worse situations for society.

The controversy that exists around “simps”

Simp is a term that has recently gained popularity and is used to describe a man who excessively idolizes a women, agreeing with everything they say to try to get their attention and usually involves donating cash and gifts to streamers.

The concept has generated multiple discussions on the internet. YouTube celebrity PewDiePie began by making jokes directed at people who donated to people like Pokimane on Twitch just because they are women, stating that he was against this behavior.

However, some personalities support the concept of simping, such as the Tiktoker neekolul, who said that there was nothing wrong with idolizing women as if they were queens:

This is one of the attitudes that led the streamer Annarf to position herself against simping.

When the chat on her Diablo III stream began referring to all the women as “Queens,” she entered the conversation saying that this was false and that everyone should be treated for the quality of people they are and not for their gender.

A change in society

The streamer demonstrated her dissatisfaction with simping by saying that this behavior only causes some women to treat other people as inferior.

“I dislike this odd need to put women on a pedestal. I think it creates really bad mentalities in women and women start becoming c__ts because they’re so entitled because men treat them differently. Stop treating women differently,” Annarf argued.

“She’s a b__ch? Treat her like a b__ch. She’s a good person? Treat her like a good person,” she said. “Stop making a big deal over women being women. It’s pathetic and it only makes us worse as people.”

According to Annarf, when a group of worshipers constantly idolize a woman, she adapts to this behavior and begins to see it as common. The moment they stop idolizing her, she feels she has the right to attack people.

Simping creates narcissistic and superior attitudes in some people and, for the streamer, she thinks this hurts society and women continue to be viewed differently from men.

The clip in which she gives her opinion, of just over 56 seconds, has already been played tens of thousands of times in less than a day, quickly becoming a popular video on her channel.

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