Two pro-socialist and anti-capitalist American filmmakers, basking in the aftermath of their recent political/media success, have decided to use a decidedly capitalist business model – that of Netflix – to promote their socialist streaming service, the Louder with Crowder website is reporting.

Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes are the Detroit-based couple, consisting of two founders – to use another squarely liberal capitalist term promoted in recent years, especially in the tech industry – of the nascent streaming service, Means TV.

Their previous claim to fame includes producing videos for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – known online as AOC – that helped her win the US Democratic congressional primaries for a New York district, and eventually a seat in the US Congress last winter.

Now the Louder with Crowder – a conservative website founded by Canadian-American political commentator and actor Steven Crowder – points out that this approach may constitute for a clear case of hypocrisy – or indeed, an oxymoron at its best, or worst – as the pair seek to raise funds on their website to the tune of half a million dollars by the end of May.

The money would then be used to fund the new Means TV service on Kickstarter by the end of the year, or in early 2020. Kickstarter itself is US-based crowdfunding platform that helps fund creative projects and merchandising thereof.

The new streaming service – if it ends up reaching its declared goal – will have original TV content, talk shows, comedy, reality TV, and on-the-ground reporting – for a monthly fee of $10. This is not only a business model – but also a news and popular culture model already widely deployed in the US – and to quite some success, both reach, and profits-wise.

It's no wonder, then, that the Louder with Crowder would like to know if “a pro-socialist company collecting money for a service” to then use the funds toward growing by means of gaining more subscribers, to earn more money – would actually make good on the original socialist promise – and redistribute the wealth collected in this way – to the people.

“Obviously, these young whippersnapper entrepreneurs would never keep the profits – what with profits being a swear word,” the report noted ironically.


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