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Appeals court suspends compelled speech order of anti-lockdown Pastor, Artur Pawlowski

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In October, a lower Canadian court in Alberta ordered Pastor Artur Pawlowski, his brother Dawid, and Chris Scott, a cafe owner, to offer a “disclaimer” and include the government’s coronavirus narrative every time they criticized the government online or off.

On November 25, the Court of Appeals in Alberta suspended the extreme compelled speech punishment.

The three men will no longer be required to state the government’s narrative on restrictions every time they voice their anti-lockdown and vaccine-skeptic opinions.

The shocking original ruling was handed down by Justice Adam Germain and you can read the details here. The original judge said that, if they’re going to go against the official narrative or COVID, they have to share a disclaimer that their beliefs may not be held by medical experts when posting online.

The court’s suspension of the harsh punishment is not final. The appeal case is still going on, with the hearing set for June 14, 2022.

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