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Apple faces new EU antitrust charge over music streaming

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Apple is facing an extra antitrust charge in the EU in the investigation triggered by a complaint filed by music streaming giant Spotify, according to a report by Reuters. The company is facing several antitrust investigations and lawsuits in the EU, UK, and US.

Following Spotify’s complaints, the European Commission accused Apple of anti-competitive practices in the music streaming industry through its App Store policies that force app developers to exclusively use its in-app payment systems, preventing users from using alternative payment options.

The additional charge came after the EU’s competition watchdog gathered new evidence.

Apple’s antitrust practices have been targeted by a provision in the Digital Markets Act (DMA), a new set of rules for tech companies that was finalized last month. It will be illegal for Apple, and other tech companies, to force users to use their own payment systems.

Violations of the DMA will result in fines of 10% of a company’s global turnover and order to stop anti-competitive practices. However, enforcement of the DMA will take a few years.

Damien Geradin, of Geradin Partners, a law firm representing app developers in lawsuits against Apple, said: “The DMA is still two years away. The rules will probably apply to Apple at the beginning of 2024. This is why antitrust cases remain important.”
The EU is also investigating Apple’s antitrust practices in Apple Pay and the e-books industry.

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