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Artist is banned from Reddit’s r/Art community, falsely accused of using AI

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An artist was banned from Reddit’s largest art subreddit r/Art because moderators thought the account posted AI-generated art. Following the backlash, the subreddit, with 22 million users, was put on lockdown.

Digital artist Ben Moran took to Twitter to announce a ban for violating the rule against using AI-generated art. Moran posted a digital illustration titled “a muse in warzone.”

Moran also tweeted screenshots of messages with a moderator of the subreddit.

“I can give you guys the process or the PSD file of that painting,” Moran wrote.

A moderator for r/Art replied: “I don’t believe you. Even if you did ‘paint’ it yourself, it’s so obviously an Al-prompted design that it doesn’t matter. If you really are a ‘serious’ artist, then you need to find a different style, because A) no one is going to believe when you say it’s not Al, and B) the AI can do better in seconds what might take you hours. Sorry, it’s the way of the world.”

Speaking to Vice, Moran said the art was a commission from Vietnam-based studio called Kart Studio. The studio sent the commissioner the piece at various stages, including the first sketch. The illustration was started by a different artist, with Moran stepping in to finish it.

“Being accused of being an AI artwork is just like telling me that I’m a random guy and all of my job is just typing some words to have a painting in one or two hours,” Moran said. “I think it’s not a good comparison.”

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