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Twitch streamer says backlash over BadBunny’s attitude to donations is due to “sexism”

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Twitch streamer BadBunny faced massive backlash after criticizing her viewers for not donating to her. Now a fellow Twitch streamer has come to her rescue saying that the reason for the backlash against her was actually due to sexism.

With a follower-count just shy of 100,000, BadBunny is an ex-scientist and a current streamer.

In a recent broadcast over on her channel, BadBunny spoke at great length regarding her dissatisfaction with the viewer-to-subscriber ratio on her channel.

Clippings featuring her comments on the matter spread like wildfire on social media with several commentators accusing BadBunny of acting entitled.

However, there are now arguments made in favor of BadBunny stating that she was merely getting called out as she is an “attractive woman.” That’s according to Central_Committee, a democratic socialist politics channel on Twitch that argued that the whole negative stance against her was due to sexism and that men don’t get called out for such incidents, but women do.

“I know it’s sexist because nobody gets called out like this. No man gets called out for this. Women get called out for this. It’s so blatantly obvious. The reason this is getting retweeted and liked so much, is because she’s an attractive woman, who didn’t act like a nice person,” said Central_Committee.

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