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Belgium’s Health Minister caught picking boogers out of her nose live on Zoom

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With the full weight of the coronavirus pandemic upon us, citizens are looking to their politicians for leadership – and you would think that those leaders, especially health ministers, would be leading the way in terms of how to behave.

That’s not what’s happening in Belgium though, where Public Health Minister Maggie De Block was caught ignoring basic hygiene procedures during the epidemic.

With everyone working from home when they can, many have spent the last week making several faux pas on live Zoom conferences – and it’s no different for politicians who are turning to video conferencing software to communicate with each other.

In today’s broadcast of the Health and Equal Opportunities Commission, which was broadcast live on TV by LN24, Maggie De Block either forgot she was broadcasting herself or didn’t care as she took the time to pick boogers out of her nose and flick them.

During the pandemic, people are advised to keep their hands away from their faces – something De Block has recently told citizens to do.

However, De Block not only touched her face during the broadcast, she goes further and does something that would be considered distasteful at the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic.

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