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Biden Argues Damage Caused By Censorship Is Outweighed by “Taking Action To Promote The Public Interest”

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Democratic values in the US – the way you knew them – are getting something of an “overhaul” official definition-wise. It all revolves around what’s now known and widely accepted as sufficiently documented Big Tech-government collusion.

The injuries caused by its censorship are “far outweighed by the government’s interest in speaking and taking action to promote the public interest,” – that’s how the Biden administration digests its policy, and spits it out for the willing world to digest.

We obtained the filing of the plaintiff’s response to these claims here.

The administration also claimed that an injunction that forbids federal officials to “demand, urge, encourage, pressure, coerce, deceive, collude with, or otherwise induce” social-media platforms to censor would “prevent the dissemination of vital public health information.”

It looks like, any censorship of free speech – if viewed by a US administration as “necessary” – is now that lesser evil, that “public interest” – that wins over allowing people to speak freely.

But how about the Constitution – is that, too, and its provisions, specifically protecting free speech – now something that’s also so – “fluid”?

That would be the logical, final conclusion, but for now what we have is documented justification to censor speech – if it works in favor of a declared “greater goal.”

Stalin would be pleased to hear this, and no less, than straight from the White House administration’s mouth. Now that censorship is justified and leaned into, and control of entire populations seems to be becoming an increasingly appealing proposition for so many western governments – it really makes one wonder – who actually won the (First) Cold War?

But, expectedly, that sort of policy is making a lot of people accustomed to thinking they live in free societies feel very uncomfortable now.

There’s no speculation here, either – it’s a filing from the Biden administration that defends the collusion with Big Tech as a “justified” way to stifle free speech.

And it’s not on a single issue – it’s a host of issues. Covid, challenges from abroad – real or alleged – especially election-wise – and – no one wins it except, thanks to pure as the driven snow process that cannot ever be questioned.

And then, there’s the sad reality of Big Tech, which appears to have been ready to carry out government-mandated censorship in the US anyway – for the sake of earning even more money.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

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