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Bishop Backs Musk: Stabbing Victim Stands Against Censorship in Australia

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Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel appeared as a strong ally for Elon Musk, the owner of X, amid pressure from the Australian government for Musk to implement censorship on the global platform. The bishop has been outspoken against the eSafety Commissioner’s choice to censor videos and speech on X.

The bishop maintains that Musk should continue allowing the video to remain accessible on X. “He’s strongly of the view that the material should be available,” X’s counsel, Marcus Hoyne, disclosed at a Federal Court hearing.

This legal dispute is unfolding at the same time as X fortifies its fight against the eSafety Commission’s contentious directive by hiring prominent Sydney barrister, Bret Walker, SC. As X puts up a formidable resistance, the Australian public cast their interests in the corporate actions that X has been taking to defend their rights to information.

A hearing has been arranged by Federal Court Justice Geoffrey Kennett to address the controversy surrounding the removal of videos portraying the stabbing at a church in western Sydney.

X representative Hoyne, pointed out the potential for drawn-out and intricate discussions, underlining the worldwide implications of the Australian government’s attempt to regulate online content.

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