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Block annoying chat popups with the new Hello Goodbye browser extension

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Hello intrusive and annoying chat pop-up ads that creep everyone out when we least expect them – and goodbye.

There are many creepy things that people do to get your attention, and those chat pop-up ads are one of them. If you feel uncomfortable for ignoring the kind message the totally legitimate and real human being sent you while you were searching for tips on microwaving your popcorn, you shouldn’t be. They’re almost always just automated ads, and in many cases, they will cover up important stuff you’re trying to see.

Hello Goodbye is a free browser add on that lets you get rid of those annoying chat and helpdesk pop-ups. No one is offering to help you with something, they’re just trying to sell you a product.

Hello Goodbye is open-source means that the code for the app is completely open to the public, you can even change it and adjust it to suit your personal preference.

You can see the code yourself here: Hello Goodbye on GitHub

Those chat popups are not only annoying, if your machine is fairly old or packed with running apps you will also notice that those ads slow down your surfing experience dramatically, and you also need to click on the hidden “X” to turn them off so you can’t just ignore them when they cover up the content you’re trying to see.

Sometimes those chat pop-ups are even embarrassing, the last thing you want is someone walking into your room and seeing sexually-suggestive chat opened on the bottom right corner of the screen. I know it because I’ve had it happen to me.

Applying this add-on is very simple, much simpler than closing those intrusive pop-ups.

Just go to Hello Goodbye, select the browser you’re using at the moment. You will be sent to the Google Chrome web-store or Mozilla add-ons page.

Click on the ADD button and allow it to be added onto your browser. You can choose to enable or disable it whenever you want and if you’re not satisfied you can even get rid of it in a matter of seconds.

It costs nothing, it’s simple, and it’s efficient. Monetization is based on the help of sponsors.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, join Reclaim The Net.

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