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Brave introduces crypto wallet

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Privacy-focused and crypto-centric browser Brave now has a built-in crypto wallet. Brave Wallet is the latest move by the company into the crypto space.

In a Tuesday update, Brave added a native wallet to its browser. For years, the company has relied on third-party wallet extensions such as MetaMask for its crypto offerings.

The Brave Wallet will allow users to store, buy, send, and swap crypto assets. Users can buy crypto assets with fiat via Wyre, and swap them easily at the best price from a list of providers through the Swap feature. The wallet also allows easy management of assets and even allows the importation of other wallets, including MetaMask, self-custody wallets, and even hardware wallets like Ledger.

The Brave Wallet is a self-custody wallet, meaning users hold their private keys. The Wallet maintains the same “open web” policy of the browser; it is built on an open MPL license.

The Brave Wallet boasts of having superior performance because it is a native app. No extension or installation of an app is required, meaning it uses less RAM and other resources.

The native wallet is the latest play by Brave Software Inc. in the crypto industry. The browser, which claims to have over 42 million monthly active users, is attractive to crypto users and enthusiasts as well as crypto companies. On its new tab page, users can easily access four crypto exchanges; Gemini, Binance, FTX, and Additionally, it has its own BAT token awarded to users for participating in its privacy-focused ads system.

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