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Brave Introduces Private Image and Video Search

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In a welcomed move that resonates with privacy enthusiasts, Brave, the privacy-centric web browser, has further strengthened its stand against the tech giants by introducing native support for image and video searches in Brave Search. Revealed in a press release on Thursday, this modification comes with an assurance that the tool remains shielded against censorship and retains its core focus on user privacy.

Brave Search, the default search engine of the Brave browser, has progressively been distancing itself from reliance on major search platforms like Bing and Google. With this latest introduction, any image or video searches performed will be sourced from Brave’s own private index, thereby severing ties with third-party APIs. This strategic alteration not only circumvents reliance on big tech but also magnifies excellent browsing speed, heightened security, and overall user experience.

The Brave team highlighted in its press release, “With the ability to search for crucial vertical categories such as images and videos directly within Brave, users can now access even more content than before.” It went on to expound on the advantages of keeping all searches within the Brave ecosystem, thus advocating for enhanced speed and privacy compared to search engines that are at the mercy of third-party providers.

In its effort to ensure total control over search functions, Brave had discontinued using third-party APIs for Brave Search earlier in 2021. However, the journey to self-sufficiency included a temporary detour of redirecting users to Google or Bing while their proprietary solution for image and video search was being developed and perfected.

While advanced features such as filters for license type and aspect ratio are yet to be added, Brave promises quick implementation. In its pursuit of creating a browser that places individual privacy above all else, Brave continues to pioneer in the field, providing an alternative to big tech algorithms and their problematic handling of user data privacy. With time, Brave’s audacious yet commendable strides towards a more user-focused internet are expected to attract more followers who value data integrity and anti-censorship internet practices.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

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