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British Royal Family demands YouTube remove video

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The British Royal Family is battling it out with YouTube over a video where Prince William confronts a photographer. The Royals want YouTube to censor the video.

A video was made of William confronting a photographer who he felt invaded their privacy.

Since then, over 20,000 people have viewed this video that the 40-year-old Duke considers an invasion of his privacy.

The Duke of Cambridge, was out with his family on a weekend bicycling trip. Along with Prince William was Duchess Catherine, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

The location of the bicycle ride was filmed near Sandringham, Norfolk, where the Cambridge’s have a private residence, Amber Hall, The Telegraph reports.

Therefore, Kensington Palace has issued a response stating that this is a direct breach of the Royal Family’s privacy.

Since it was first uploaded to YouTube last week the Royals have tried to get the three-minute video taken down. Immediately after it was uploaded to the social media video platform, attorneys have directly contacted the photographer.

However, just a few days later, a version of this video appeared on TikTok as well.

Unlike the British Press who has an unwritten rule of not publishing photos from the Royal Family’s private outings, YouTube and TikTok don’t follow the same requests.

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