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British YouTuber arrested for documenting illegal migrant crisis

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There have been so many major crises shaking Europe and the adjacent, independent island of the UK, to its very core in this 2020 – most notably, that of the coronavirus pandemic, and the way nations have decided to respond to it.

So much so, it turns out – that the issue of mass and unchecked illegal migration of millions of people from the Middle East and Africa to Europe that has been going on for several years now has by and large taken the backseat.

But make no mistake – just because they have other things to worry about here, doesn’t mean the issue of illegal migration has gone away for the country. Not only are masses of refugees still desperate enough to force their way through borders in search of what they consider a better life – but it seems that information also seems to travel slow in their circles.

Case in point: Germany’s Angela Merkel once invited them all to come right over – but that was a couple of years ago. Now she, and by extension, Germany, no longer wants them.

So logic dictates that these migrants would try their luck reaching other countries, like the UK. Not the EU, where Germany reigns supreme.

But now, there’s legal controversy around this, YouTubers are getting arrested – apparently for documenting and recording those who are allowed to enter their country without proper documents and visas, Politicalite reports.

Once illegal migrants make it to the UK from France (usually Calais) mostly over to Dover – they reportedly get loaded into coaches before being taken to be accommodated in hotels.

Well, that report didn’t come to you from the BBC, but from a citizen reporter, and they certainly seem to have paid a high price simply for trying to document all this going on.

The reporter (sadly with no press pass to protect, or at worst enable them – yeah, it was the reporter, not the people illegally crossing many borders) – eventually got arrested.

The YouTuber goes by the name of Active Patriot on YouTube.

In what might be at the same time the most poignant and most gutting exchange between a “perpetrator” like Active Patriot and their arresting officer, the YouTuber is quoted as telling them, “I’m showing the world what is going on, mate.”

To which the officer responds: “I think the world knows.”

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